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Questionnaire - Test

Please make the following test by clicking the boxes. To answer questions, simply point your mouse on the box and click once. Please only answer ONE box per question.

QuestionEssential? Advantageous
but not
Is the delivery of your project on time:
Is the delivery of your project within the budget:
Is the preparation of regular financial reports:
How do you appreciate the importance of the local input:
How do you consider the respect of your requirements:
How do you appreciate value for money:
What is your feeling about an accurate payment of the works in progress:
How important is it to communicate in English or in French or in Dutch:
How important is to prepare accurate final accounts of the works:
How important is a Professional Insurance cover in accordance with RICS rules:

Results of your test :

Majority of your answers in the 1st column :

You probably need the assistance of a professional Quantity Surveyor and/or Project Manager to achieve your requirements.

Majority of your answers in the 2nd column :

You probably need our assistance.

Majority of your answers in the 3rd column :

Probably you need more information about our services.

In all cases, we invite you to take contact with us at widnell@widnell.eu or to call on : +32-2-538.92.02

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